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Renting a car
Why renting a car online ?

Unlike rental companies, the internet is open 24/24, 7/7, 365/365!

Where is corsica-car-rental.com ?

Our offices are based in Corsica.

What are the conditions to rent a car in Corsica ?

What is the age and driver's license requirements to rent a car in Corsica ?

How to choose my agency corsica-car-rental.com ?

There are many different agencies in Corsica.

Can I rent a car and go to Sardinia ?

Please read carefully our rental conditions about trips to Sardinia.

Can I book more than one car at a time ?

It is not possible yet.

Get to know how to proceed.

Which documents do I need to rent a car ?

You need your driving licence and your credit card to rent a car. 

Which credit cards are accepted to rent a car ?

Many credit cards are accepted for your payment. 

Which additional cover can I get on Corsica-car-rental ?

The “third party” insurance cover automatically applied to drivers and passengers of all bookings made on our website.

Can I pick up my car if the rental agency is closed ?

You can not pick up your car if the agency is closed.

Is there a minimum length of time to rent a car ?

 You can rent a car for one hour or one day.