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How to choose an insurance for my car rental in Corsica

Is it necessary to take out an insurance policy when hiring a vehicle?

By hiring a vehicle on our site, the occupants of the vehicle (drivers and passengers) automatically benefit from “third party liability” insurance.

Third party liability insurance provides a financial guarantee for bodily injury or property damage that the driver and passengers of the vehicle may cause to third parties while in the vehicle. The insurance also covers physical damage to the passengers of the vehicle.

You can also subscribe to our complementary Serenity insurance.

Select the Serenity insurance in addition

If Serenity insurance is not obligatory, it is highly recommended that you take it out for your car rental in Corsica. As its name suggests, the Serenity option is a way to ride more peacefully on Corsican roads. This insurance offers you an additional and optimal coverage in case of various accidents with your hired vehicle.


The Serenity Insurance covers you in the following cases:


  • Any damage or robbery of the vehicle
  • The losing of the vehicle keys and its implications
  • Locking the vehicle with the keys inside and its implications
  • The replacement of the empty battery by you and its implications
  • Error of fuel and its consequences (excluding the filling of the tank that caused the breakdown)
  • Pneumatic tyre punctures and their results
  • Damage to the vehicle’s windows and mirrors

By ” consequences ” we mean assistance, immobilisation of the vehicle, intervention of a garage and replacement of the broken part.

The prices of this insurance start at 6€ per day according to the category of vehicle you have chosen.. In other words, a small additional budget to be planned in order to enjoy your trip to Corsica without any worries!

Features and advantages of the Sérénité insurance directly on the relevant page.