What documents do I need to rent a car?

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Documents to provide to rent a car in Corsica

Which documents do I need to rent a car?

Driver’s licence
It must have been valid for at least 1 year and be presented at the moment of vehicle pick-up.
A driving licence that has been issued by an EU Member State is valid.
The holders of a permit issued by an external State must present a permit written in French with a photograph and/or accompanied by an official translation.
A “blank” or restricted licence does not authorize you to rent a vehicle, nor does a lost or stolen driver’s licence.

Credit Cards
At the departure of the rental, you must present to the rental company a credit card which must be that of the main driver.
It is necessary to cover possible fuel costs, damage, theft of the vehicle or any late return that will result in the billing of an extra day.

Once these two documents are in your possession, you can rent a vehicle with complete peace of mind!