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The pleasures of the great outdoors! What could be more pleasant than driving a convertible with the wind in your hair? In two or four-seater versions. Enjoy the landscape and let yourself go to the "Dolce Vita". Corsica is certainly one of the destinations where you will fully enjoy the rental of a convertible. This car category is perfectly suited for couples with a comfortable front space but be careful with the back seats, which are a little narrow for adults or possibly with two young children. With corsica-car rent a cabriolet to explore the Corsican roads!

Category G - Compact Cabriolet with GPS - Convertibles

Lovers of freedom and wind-blown hair, these cars are for you! It is a pleasure to drive in Corsica in an stylish cabriolet in order to enjoy the scenery to the best of your senses! Convertibles are ideal for couples. This type of vehicle is managed on schedule to guarantee its availability. A maximum of 48 hours is therefore required to confirm the reservation. Thank you for your understanding.

Audi A3 location voiture cabriolet
Convertibles - Models : Audi A3 - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Convertible or equivalent
portes 3 Doors
portes Air conditionner
portes 2 luggage
places 4 Seats
places Manual
places Gasoline