Control of the vehicle on the return to the agency

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Condition of the vehicle on the return to the agency

Do I have to make a check of the rental vehicle when I return to the agency?

On the return of the vehicle, our partner agencies will offer to check that the condition of the vehicle is in accordance with the technical data sheet enclosed with the rental contract.

If the condition of the car on return is different from that of departure, you will be invoiced for the damage noted (bodywork, broken glass, missing accessories, etc.). The amount invoiced will be calculated by the agency according to the applicable deductible and according to the subscription or not of an insurance.

If you choose not to check the vehicle with the rental company, then you accept the observations that will be made by the agency, and the invoicing of the consequent damages.

Please note that in the case of damage(s) caused to the vehicle, the rental agency will charge you a fixed compensation (approximately 40€) corresponding to the cost of administrative processing, regardless of the insurance taken out.

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