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My booking
Do I need to make my online booking in advance?

The booking has to be confirmed at least 24 hours before pick-up.

When is my payment due ?

Your payment is due at the booking time.

Am I required to take the Serenity additional cover ?

This option is not mandatory, but it is an all risk insurance.

How to get my car rental invoice on “corsica-car-rental.com” ?

By telephone or by email.

Is the insurance included in the booking price ?

Our negotiated rates include additional CDW and TPC covers.

Can I cancel my booking ?

If you cancel a confirmed booking, Corsica-car-rental.com will charge you a penalty of 75€, and give you the full refund of your booking.

To get this refund, please contact us by mail (click on “contact” below)

Who is authorized to drive the car ?

For security reasons, please specify on your booking how many drivers you would like. 


Can I modify my booking dates ?

If your car rental has not been confirmed, you can change your dates before the final validation. But if you have paid for your reservation and received a booking confirmation by email, you have to contact us (by email or phone call). 

How to know if my booking is confirmed ?

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Can I book if my credit card is not under my name ?

You can book on our website with a credit card which is not under your own name.

Please read the conditions carefully . 

Can I change the rental duration while I am in Corsica ?

Yes you can change the duration of your car rental while you are using it but you have to advise us.