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Can I book a specific car model with corsica-car-rental.com?

Corsica-car-rental.com can guarantee a vehicle type (which determines the type of fuel and type of gearbox) but we cannot guarantee a specific car model due to the high demand of our customers.

What happens if my car rental is not available?

Get more information here.

How can I rent a convertible in Corsica ?

Of course you can rent a convertible for your holidays in Corsica, it's a great idea !

Can I tackle all kinds of terrain with a 4x4 vehicle ?

You have decided to rent a 4x4 vehicle ? It's a great idea and you will enjoy this feeling of security and freedom.

What should I do if I get involved in an accident with my car ?

In case you need urgent repairs, please contact the assistance and the station where you picked up your vehicle (contacts in your contract).

What happens to my deposit if the car get stolen or damaged ?

If you did not subscribe to the Serenity insurance at the booking time, you will have to pay the guarantee cover in the case of a theft or damage caused to the vehicle.