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Renting a car
Why renting a car online ?

Unlike rental companies, the internet is open 24/24, 7/7, 365/365!

Where is corsica-car-rental.com ?

Our offices are based in Corsica.

What are the conditions to rent a car in Corsica ?

What is the age and driver's license requirements to rent a car in Corsica ?

How to choose my agency corsica-car-rental.com ?

There are many different agencies in Corsica.

Can I rent a car and go to Sardinia ?

Please read carefully our rental conditions about trips to Sardinia.

Can I book more than one car at a time ?

It is not possible yet.

Get to know how to proceed.

Which documents do I need to rent a car ?

You need your driving licence and your credit card to rent a car. 

Which credit cards are accepted to rent a car ?

Many credit cards are accepted for your payment. 

Which additional cover can I get on Corsica-car-rental ?

The “third party” insurance cover automatically applied to drivers and passengers of all bookings made on our website.

Can I pick up my car if the rental agency is closed ?

You can not pick up your car if the agency is closed.

Is there a minimum length of time to rent a car ?

 You can rent a car for one hour or one day.

Pick up - Return
Do I have to refill the tank of fuel before returning the car?

All vehicles are provided with a full tank of fuel. You can refill the tank of fuel or not. In this second case, you will have to pay an additional fee. 

How to proceed to return the car ?

Please return the car on the date and place specified on your booking. 

What happens if I am late to return the car ?

You will pay one additional day of rental. 

My holidays in Corsica
How can I book a flight to get to Corsica ?

Corsica-car-rental.com recommends its partners to plan your trip to Corsica.

My booking
Do I need to make my online booking in advance?

The booking has to be confirmed at least 24 hours before pick-up.

When is my payment due ?

Your payment is due at the booking time.

Am I required to take the Serenity additional cover ?

This option is not mandatory, but it is an all risk insurance.

How to get my car rental invoice on “corsica-car-rental.com” ?

By telephone or by email.

Is the insurance included in the booking price ?

Our negotiated rates include additional CDW and TPC covers.

Can I cancel my booking ?

If you cancel a confirmed booking, Corsica-car-rental.com will charge you a penalty of 75€, and give you the full refund of your booking.

To get this refund, please contact us by mail (click on “contact” below)

Who is authorized to drive the car ?

For security reasons, please specify on your booking how many drivers you would like. 


Can I modify my booking dates ?

If your car rental has not been confirmed, you can change your dates before the final validation. But if you have paid for your reservation and received a booking confirmation by email, you have to contact us (by email or phone call). 

How to know if my booking is confirmed ?

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Can I book if my credit card is not under my name ?

You can book on our website with a credit card which is not under your own name.

Please read the conditions carefully . 

Can I change the rental duration while I am in Corsica ?

Yes you can change the duration of your car rental while you are using it but you have to advise us.

Can I book a specific car model with corsica-car-rental.com?

Corsica-car-rental.com can guarantee a vehicle type (which determines the type of fuel and type of gearbox) but we cannot guarantee a specific car model due to the high demand of our customers.

What happens if my car rental is not available?

Get more information here.

How can I rent a convertible in Corsica ?

Of course you can rent a convertible for your holidays in Corsica, it's a great idea !

Can I tackle all kinds of terrain with a 4x4 vehicle ?

You have decided to rent a 4x4 vehicle ? It's a great idea and you will enjoy this feeling of security and freedom.

What should I do if I get involved in an accident with my car ?

In case you need urgent repairs, please contact the assistance and the station where you picked up your vehicle (contacts in your contract).

What happens to my deposit if the car get stolen or damaged ?

If you did not subscribe to the Serenity insurance at the booking time, you will have to pay the guarantee cover in the case of a theft or damage caused to the vehicle.