Tour ideas starting in Figari

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Road tours starting in Figari

Figari is a great starting point to discover the South of Corsica. The airport is international, and serves many French and European cities. At only 15km of Bonifacio, and 20 km of Porto-Vecchio, Figari allows reaching the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, just when stepping off the plane…

The only question you will have in mind is: where to go? Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio? Maybe Sartène?

You would rather go to the sea or in the mountains? If you have your car, it is easier, as public transportation is developed in main cities but not around the most beautiful beaches and natural sites that are preserved…and wild. Do not forget that Corsica is a mountain in the sea, and offers many different landscapes. Of course, if you do not know where to begin, we are here to advice you !

Before consulting our itinerary suggestions from Figari, did you find your rental agency?

To help you decide which route would suit you best, we offer a selection made specially to help you plan your holidays:

The Extreme South

If you rent your car at the airport of Figari, you will probably head off to Porto-Vecchio or Bonifacio. You will enjoy many routes along the beaches of the south, visiting the Genovese towers and also authentic villages.

Visit Bonficacio by car

More info about the Extreme South route from Figari


The Alta Rocca

If you are staying in the south of Corsica, you will have to visit Alta Rocca. Enjoy your car rental to go as far as Sainte Lucie de Tallano, Zonza and the needles of Bavella , or Levie and its museum.

Visit Alta Rocca by car

More info about the Alta Rocca route from Figari


The East Coast

This route proposed by will bring you on the east coast. With your own car, you will go at your speed, stopping at the beaches you want and appreciating the summer heat.


More info about the East Coast route from Figari