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The Alta Rocca

    • Departure : Aéroport Figari ou région (Porto-Vecchio – Bonifacio).
    • Travel time : a day
    • Route : Figari – Sainte Lucie de Tallano – Quenza – Bavella – Zonza – Return to Figari
    • Our favorites : The needles of Bavella

Prepare yourself to a day at the heart of Corsican mountains. You will firstly take the direction of Sainte Lucie di Tallano.

At the centre of the village, a Casa Torra is very impressive: it has been a tower of defense. Don’t miss the fountain on the main square, also called Piazza di l’Olmu. Sainte Lucie celebrates the new olive oil every year, during a fair at the end of March.

The mill of the village is also a museum about olive and its culture. Continue your road, and a little further, you’ll find the chapel of Saint Jean Baptiste.

If you pay attention to details, you will observe that the stones are precisely cut and arranged. An old story about the chapel says that when its construction started, the tools where moved every night. They were always moved at the same place. The people of the village thought it was a joke and were tired of it. One night, they decided to find out who was moving the tools. Actually, it was an old man!

They thought it was a divine sign, a sign of wisdom, and decided to build the chapel where the man moved the tools every night.

After this stop at the chapel, you will continue as far as Quenza. From this village, the bravest ones will go to the Plateau du Cuscionu. An incredible landscape, the Cuscionu will surprise you with the contrast of its colors: the bright green of nature and the dark blue of the water, in the little pozzi (they are looking like small puddles).

You will continue towards the needles of Bavella. It is a place where sportsmen and nature lovers meet. For climbing and canyoning, or either way for hiking and photography, Bavella is a little piece of heaven for everyone.

After the village of Zonza, follow the D 368. A hiking trail goes to the waterfall of Piscia di Ghjaddu. This trail looks easy at the beginning, but actually, the last part is the most difficult (1h30).


Our favorites

The museum of Levie

This museum is like a trip in the past, to better understand the story of Corsica. The exhibition is divided into 9 areas, each one presenting an important historical event.

The thermal baths of Caldane

Those baths have a constant temperature of 38°C… You can dive into it, and the water, because it contains sulfide, has healing virtues.


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