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The extreme south

  • Departure : Figari
  • Travel time : a day
  • Route : Figari – Bonifacio – the Natural reserve – Porto Vecchio – Figari
  • Our favorites : the cliffs of Bonifacio and the bay of Santa Giulia

This route will bring you on the most beautiful coast of Corsica. From Bonifacio to Porto-Vecchio, this route goes along the coast, to make you discover isolated small beaches and enjoy a break.

First of all, follow the signs for Bonifacio. The city of the cliffs.
You will surely wonder how many inhabitants have decided to live in houses overhanging the sea… But this is what makes Bonifacio so special. Did you know the Corsican language spoken in Bonifacio is very different than in other part of the island?

It is mainly because the Genovese had conquered the city, and therefore, their language has been mixed up with Corsican.
It’s time to move on, and go to the natural reserve of Tre Padule.

Once you have seen this reserve, let’s go to Porto-Vecchio. The city is enhanced by the pale pink color of its rocks of porphyry. As a fortress watching the coast, Porto-Vecchio is famous for its idyllic beaches, pictured on all the postcards.

On the coast, the beaches of Fautea, Pinarellu, or Benedettu, are well known for their beauty, and the shine of their colors.


Our 3 favorites in this region


The Lavezzi island

Already, the name of Lavezzi refers to a fabulous landscape… Those island have been described so many times, that the best thing to do is: go and visit them!


The site of Araghju

From the village of Araghju, a hiking trail (quite hard) brings to a fortress. You will be at the fortress in about an hour walk.


The site of Tappa

From Porto-Vecchio, when going to Figari, do not miss the archaeological complex of Tappa.


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