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The centre of Corsica

  • Departure : Calvi
  • Travel time : a day
  • Route : Calvi – Ponte Leccia – Corte – Vallée de la Restonica – Retour sur Calvi
  • Our favorites : Restonica valley and the museum of Corsica

When heading to the centre of Corsica, it is as if you were heading to its history. The road, easy (and not as windy as other Corsican roads), is called the Balanina, and you will have to be careful about your speed.

At Ponte Leccia, you need to go straight at the roundabout. Arrived in Corte, it’s a cultural break.

The Museum of Corsica, hiding in the citadel, will reveal the story of this island that has been called by the Greek, Kallisté. You’ll live with the philosophers of the eighteenth century for a moment. After this very informative interlude, let’s go as far as the Restonica!

In this valley, you will meet nature. From the parking, you can go for a short walk, and why not, stop for a lunch or a picnic at the river… You will probably appreciate the freshness of the mountain compared to the heat on the coast.

It is already time to go back. Will you find your way back?

Very simply, follow the signs for Ponte-Leccia, then Ile-Rousse and finally Calvi.


Our favourites in the center of Corsica


The forest of Vizzavona

This forest is very specific because of its tree type; laricio pine trees and beeches. A path starts just after the train station in Vizzavona, to join the waterfall of the English, a very famous attraction for nature lovers.

Visit Vizzavona by car

The lake of Melo

At the very end of the road in the Restonica valley, after the sheepfold called Grotelle, many hikers are waiting to start their trail. The Lake of Melo is only an hour away from the sheepfold. The view is stunning. A priceless reward after the effort made!



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