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The Castagniccia

  • Departure : Calvi
  • Travel time: a day
  • Route : Calvi – Ponte Leccia – Morosaglia – Orezza – Cervione – Piedicroce – Morosaglia – Return to Calvi
  • Our favorites : The valley of Orezza and Cervione

Once more, you will have to leave the sea… And follow the direction of Ponte-Leccia.
At the roundabout, be very careful: take the third exit and turn right just after the bridge.

In silence, you will enter the house of Pascal Paoli. It’s easy to imagine him, starring at the window. Probably dreaming of a better world or planning a new political reform. This house is now a museum. Then, continue your route in the direction of the Valley of Orezza.

Orezza is the famous Corsican sparkling water: it has the same name than the source. If you have already been in Corsica, you probably noticed this clear blue bottle on the table of many terraces.

But this isn’t the last visit of our route! You will then go to Cervione. Known for its hazelnuts, this is the place where the Corsican hazelnut spread is made (good to know for the sweet teeth!).

The chapel of Scupiccia, only a few minutes’ walk from the village, offers a fantastic view.

Once you have finished your visit (and also your tasting…), it’s time to go back to Balagne! You will go back by a different route. In the direction of Piedicroce, if you wish to, you can stop to the convent Saint François. Then, follow the directions for Morosaglia, and Ponte Leccia. The road between Pietralba and Calvi is called the Balanina. After Ile-Rousse, you will spot the outlines of the citadel.


Our favorites in Castagniccia:


The Galéa park

This park is very original: a mix between gardens, exhibitions and digital tools. Half-natural and half-virtual, like a journey to awaken your senses. It is located between Folelli and Santa Lucia di Moriani.


The covent of Alesani

Masterpieces, that are classified as Historical Monuments, are inside the convent. The choir stalls, carved in wood, are part of this very important heritage.


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