Top 10 most beautiful beaches of Ajaccio

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Discovering Ajaccio’s beaches by car

Drive along the roads of the imperial city and dive into the different turquoise waters!

Ajaccio is known for its historical setting and its idyllic beaches, you will be able to relax with your feet in the water under the Corsican sun. Rent a car to enjoy the different beaches it has to offer. With, drive with your family or friends in complete safety.


1.      Beach of Capo di Feno


The beach of Capo di Feno is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ajaccio! On the spot you will be able to discover two beaches, the most touristic one the “Big Capo” which extends on 1km and the beach of Sevani also called “Little Capo”. These two beaches offer turquoise water and hidden treasures. Be careful with the currents when the sea is rough.

Watch wonderful sunsets with dazzling colors!


2.      Beach of Sacred Land


The Sacred Land beach is located on the route des sanguinaires, a few minutes from the center of Ajaccio. You will find on this beach a monument dedicated to the soldiers who died for France during the 14-18 war, accompanied by rocks it commemorates 48 000 Corsican soldiers. Several small white sandy coves have formed around this monument, a dream setting with translucent water.

Swim in a historical place !


3.      Beach of Barbicaja


Barbicaja beach is a small, sunny and quiet beach, extending over a few meters and offering a relaxing setting. Take advantage of the turquoise water and fine sand to have fun observing the depths or making sand castles.

Alone or accompanied, relax in this haven of peace!


4.      Beach of Trottel


The Trottel beach is located close to the city center of Ajaccio, you will have access to a free parking lot. This beach is well known to the general public and appreciated by families, children and adults can play on a beach volleyball court. A security post is present all day on the beach.

Take advantage of this secure beach!


5.      Beach of Marinella


The beach of Marinella is one of the emblematic beaches of the sanguinaires. Known for its famous pedal boats, you can combine pleasure and relaxation on this beach. Animated by straw huts, you can eat all day long.

Pedal on the Mediterranean Sea!


6.      Beach of Ricanto


The Ricanto beach is located at the foot of the airport, you can watch from your towel the planes in action. Enjoy also the different activities, jet ski, boat, diving… have fun on this busy beach.

Take off with your feet in the water!


7.      Beach of St-François


The beach of St-François is located in the heart of the imperial city. This beach is narrow but convenient because of its proximity. You can walk through the city center and finish with a swim in only 2 minutes.

Enjoy an improvised swim!


8.      Beach of Ruppione


The beach of Ruppione is located 35 minutes by car from Ajaccio. It extends over almost 1 km, you can observe breathtaking sunsets. Its particularity, a gentle slope to allow you to access gradually to the open sea.

Stroll on this white sand!


9.      Beach of Isolella


The beach of Isolella is located 35 minutes from Ajaccio, a car rental is mandatory. Relax on this sublime beach which offers you shaded corners to enjoy your day 100% and admire from the beach the Genoese tower of Isolella. A marriage between sea and mountain to offer you an exotic setting.

Dive into this postcard!


10. Beach of Mare e sole


The beach of Mare e sole is located at 40 minutes by car from Ajaccio on the commune of Pietrosella. This beach also called “silver beach” extends over several kilometers, accompanied by a small forest to allow families or friends to picnic quietly. An unusual landscape with crystal clear water, you can see wild cows lying on the beach, be careful.

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