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Marvel at the beauty of the imperial city and enjoy the scenic show of Corsica’s gorgeous coastline. Fancy driving around the delights of Ajaccio region? Do not hesitate and hire a car with

You wish to hire a car in Ajaccio?

Since there are only two ways to get to Ajaccio from the mainland, operates in two strategic locations in order to better suit your needs.

The first agency is at the airport. If you get in by boat or by train leaving from another Corsican town, also has an office in the town centre.
A word of caution though: the office opens only in the morning and is closed on Sunday and bank holidays!

Hiring a car in Ajaccio is a must to make the most of the imperial city and explore the amazing sites of Ajaccio region.
Although the city in itself is well served by bus services (maybe not as well as visitors would expect though), you need to rely on a car to get to the small beaches, the hotels, and the remote sites scattered over the rugged coast of the Ajaccio region.

A car rental in Ajaccio is highly recommended to discover the Imperial City of Ajaccio. Certainly, the city of Ajaccio is served by a bus service but the small beaches, some hotels and residences, and the original sites only require traveling with a vehicle!

You can rent a car in Ajaccio to discover the Iles Sanguinaires, the Parata tower, the beaches with turquoise waters, the animated city center with the port or the Cours Napoléon for the shopping lovers. Visit the Fesch Museum, Napoleon’s birthplace, and discover the Genoese citadel and the old town.

Car rental in Ajaccio City

We have selected a rental office open from April to October, every morning. Close to the bus station, the ferry terminal and the train station, the agency has a central position to serve you.

1 rue Paul Colonna d'Istria,
20181 Ajaccio, France
Exceptional closure until October 17th 2023
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Car rental in Ajaccio Airport

location voiture aéroport

Should you fly to Ajaccio, you can collect your car as soon as you arrive at Napoleon Bonaparte Airport. Our office, which is located in the car park directly opposite the Terminal, is open seven days a week. There is a wide selection of vehicle types available here.

Napoléon Bonaparte Airport,
20000 Ajaccio, France
From September 30th 2022 to November 6th 2022
Monday to Sunday from 7am to 11.30pm
From November 7th 2022 tp April 8th 2023
Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm
Saturday from 10am to 4pm
Sunday from 5pm to 11pm
CLOSED on December 25th 2022 and January 1st 2023
From April 9th 2023
Monday to Sunday from 7am to 11.30pm (public holidays are included)
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Car rental in Ajaccio

Car parks in Ajaccio

Ajaccio airport is about 6km from the city centre (about 15/20 minutes depending on traffic). To reach the center you have to take the Ricanto/T21 road. Arriving at the port Tino Rossi you can find parking lots and therefore fully enjoy the Imperial City on foot.

Parking in Ajaccio

Simplify your life, get to know the parking areas and tariffs in Ajaccio.

Parking area in Ajaccio

Service stations in Ajaccio

We have listed for you petrol stations in Ajaccio in order to facilitate your travels on the island of beauty.

Gas stations in Ajaccio


Visitez le centre d'Ajaccio en voiture

The historic city centre of Ajaccio

The Cours Napoléon, this real shopping street of the Imperial City expects the shopping addicts in the heart of the city of Ajaccio. As for the old town, it is home to Napoleon Bonaparte's birth house, which has been transformed into a museum in recent years, the citadel, as well as many small, cosy restaurants. The Fesch street, which is a pedestrian street, invites you to enjoy a walk... For art lovers, take the time to visit the Palais Fesch, the fine arts museum of the city of Ajaccio located in the pedestrian street. Take back your rental car and discover the Casone cave in the heights of the city of Ajaccio. Don't miss a walk under the palm trees of the seafront, where the municipal casino of the city of Ajaccio rubs shoulders with bars and restaurants overlooking the Gulf of Ajaccio and its South Shore.

Visit îles sanguinaire by car

The Sanguinaires Islands and the Parata

If you have hired your vehicle at Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte airport or at our agency in Ajaccio city centre, take advantage of this opportunity to discover the route des Iles Sanguinaires, which offers sublime landscapes, where the turquoise blue of the sea on one side, blends with the green of the maquis on the other.

Discover the area around Ajaccio by car