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Balagne and its secrets

  • Departure: Calvi
  • Travel time : half-day
  • Route : Calvi – Calenzana –Zilia – Sant’Antonino – Pigna – Corbara – Algajola – Calvi
  • Our favorites: Sant’Antonino, the forest of Bonifato, the abandoned village of Occi.

After the visit of the genovese city, you can go at the conquest of the region of Balagne.
To appreciate your stay in our region, the best is to rent a car… you will feel free to go wherever you want, at any time!

By chance, you could meet a craftsman in his workshop, or either way, take some height to have the most incredible panorama for your pictures.

As a family protecting the small one, the villages are facing the bay of Calvi, looking at the skyline and making sure no one attacks their citadel. The landscape from the villages is breathtaking. Don’t worry; follow the roads of Balagne, without asking any questions!

From Calvi to Calenzana, you will enter in the mountains. Then, you will go around the winding roads towards the highest villages…  But this trip is worth the result.
If you have some time, you should stop in Pigna: watch the sunset from this gorgeous village, seating in front of the bay. Spectacular!


Our favorites in Balagne :

The forest of Bonifato

This little piece of heaven is a must for people who like hiking. You can swim in the river, and enjoy a walk in the forest…


Also called the « nest », Sant’Antonino is among the most beautiful villages of France. To reach this village; you will have to go on a tour, or either way, with your car!

The abandoned village of Occi

In only half an hour, you will discover the abandoned village of Occi. Those remains are incredibly well preserved. To go to Occi, you have to follow the directions for Lumio. Let’s go !