The Nebbiu

  • Departure: Bastia
  • Travel time: a day 
  • Route: Bastia – Murato – Oletta – Saint Florent –Patrimonio – return to Bastia
  • Our favorites: the port of Saint-Florent and the view from Barbaggio

From Bastia, follow the signs for Biguglia, and then for Murato. You will go away from the sea. The road to Murato is very winding, but it’s worth it! 

The church of Saint Michel is surprising: it is a polychrome church. Its slabs are in schist and granite, with two different colors. It’s has been classified historical monument, since 1875.

You will pursue your route to Oletta, a small village that seems to be hanging to the mountain. After this mountain break, let’s go back near the sea, and reach Saint Florent, one of the most beautiful gulfs of the island. 
Some people say Saint Florent is like the Saint-Tropez of Corsica…

Visit the citadel, go along the quays, and stroll in the village’s streets.
The village is surrounded by magnificent beaches, and is also the departure for adventurers that wish to discover the desert of the Agriates.
But be careful; don’t get lost in the desert! Moreover, our route is not finished yet.

Prepare to wonder your taste in Patrimonio, famous for its grape variety: the Nielluccio. It’s the first grape variety that received the AOC label, which means Appellation d’origine Contrôlée. It is a certificate attesting of the quality of the grapes.
Our route is coming to its end. Before going back to Bastia, stop in Barbaggio to take a few pictures ! 

Our favourites

The road of wines

We ca not talk about the Nebbiu, without mentioning wine. 33 vineyards are composing this road; as many stops to meet the wine makers, and taste the delicious wines. Niellucciu and Vermentinu are two well-known grape varieties. 

The beaches of the desert

To reach those paradisiacal beaches, two solutions: walking (but you have to be warned that it isn’t an easy walk!) or taking a shuttle-boat. Do not miss those beaches, among the most beautiful of the island!

The village of Farinole

As many little jewels, hidden in the Corsican mountain, villages have an unexplained charm. Farinole is at the south of the Cap Corse.
The view is just resplendent, as Farinole overhangs the gulf of Saint Florent, and the desert of the Agriates.