The east coast

  • Departure: Figari 
  • Travel time: a day 
  • Route : Figari – Conca – Solenzara – Solaro – Return to Figari
  • Our favorites:  the start of the GR20 in Conca 

To go from Figari to the east coast, follow the indications for Conca. You will go in the north direction. Conca, is a small village in the mountains. Usually, shepherds go through Conca to make their seasonal migration.

This very ancient tradition is about moving the herd: in the mountains during the summer, and near the coast during the winter. This way, the herd has mild temperatures all year long.

Conca is also where the start of the famous GR20 is. If you are not that sporty, don’t worry, many beaches are near Conca, when following the direction of Solenzara
Then you will discover Sari-Solenzara. It’s a very small village, described has mid-moutain: at 450 m of altitude, Sari is in between sea and mountain. The stone constructions will amaze you for sure!

You can also stop in Solenzara, and dive into the sea. If you still have some energy, before going back to Figari, you can go as far as Solaro: if we had to describe Solaro, we would say it has a panoramic view and a very festive ambiance.

It is the end of our route, and time to go back to Figari… 

Our favourites on the east coast

The beach of Tarco


When going along the coast by car, you will probably want to stop at this gorgeous beach. After a long time driving, it’s time for a dive!

The church of Saint Etienne

The church is at the centre of the village of Conca, where the chapel used to be. It’s dedicated to St Etienne, the first Christian martyr.