The Costa Verde

  • Departure : Bastia
  • Travel time : a day
  • Route: Bastia – Vescovato – Penta di Casinca – Taglio Isolaccio - Santa Maria Poggio – return to Bastia by the seaside 
  • Our favorites: The waterfall of Ucceline

Following the road along the coast, in the south direction, you will first arrive at Vescovato.
Visit the church of San Martinu; it’s bell has been replaced in 1928. We could nearly say it’s a new one !

Then, you will head to Venzolasca, that looks like a small citadel. As a fortress, the houses are gathered arount the bell. After this visit, prepare yourself to another great discovery: Penta di Casinca. This village has received a specific title: « Picturesque Site of Corsica ». What’s peculiar about this village is its height: it really overhangs the plain.

From Penta di Casinca, you can spot the islands of Tuscany, and the villages of the plain. 
Now, you are entering at the heart of the Corsican mountains. Follow the directions for Taglio Isolaccio. You will climb a little further, towards San Giovanni di Moriani. The places where you will have such a view are rare!

Between Santa Maria Poggio and San Nicolao, you will be on the road of the corniche. After the tunnels, stop at the waterfall of Ucceline.

Enjoy your break by swimming near the waterfall. Your route is coming to its end, and you will go back to the coast, going through Moriani, and then going along the coast as far as Bastia.    

Our favourites along the Costa Verde

The village of Castellare di Casinca

Why would this other village be as part of our recommendations? From Castellare di Casinca, you can see the Tuscan Detroit, and enjoy an incredible sun enlightenment. Sun, beautiful landscapes and quietness: the perfect association for a radiant day!

The ADECEC Museum

The museum of the ADECEC (Association pour le Développement des Etudes Archéologiques, Historiques, linguistiques et Naturalistes du Centre-Est de la Corse) is located in Cervione, not too far from the cathedral. 
It’s in the former bishop’s seminary: there are 14 exhibition rooms that show off everyday objects, and devices that have now disappeared.

The waterfall of Ucceline

On the road called corniche, you will enter at the heart of the corsican moutain. The waterfall of Ucceline appears suddenly, and its freshness is a good reason to stop for a swim…