The Cap Corse

  • Departure: Bastia
  • Travel time: a day
  • Route: Bastia – Macinaggio – Rogliano – Centuri – Nonza – Return to Bastia
  • Our favourites : the beach of Nonza and its dark sand


Leaving the city behind, you will have to prepare to discover the Cap Corse. Idyllic landscapes are associated to the infinite blue of the sea. The Cap Corse is also known for the preservation of its heritage, could it be the trails around the littoral, or the historical monuments. 
First, you will have to follow the directions for Rogliano.

To go to this village, you have to take the road of the empress… Actually, the empress Eugénie had been asking for this road at the nineteenth century. So on, we can thank the empress for her attachment to Rogliano; without her, we probably couldn’t discover this little wonder… Rogliano is a place of History and the various remains you can find in this village are as many testimonies of history.

Maccinaggio is, in fact, the port of Rogliano. If Rogliano is so well developed today, it’s mainly because the port is perfectly located: facing Tuscany, the position is strategic. The port has been accelerating the trades in the past and made Rogliano a wealthy and peaceful village. But don’t stay too long, we are only half way: you will be now heading to Centuri!

Centuri is well known of the sailors: if there is some Libecciu (south-west wind), you better not stay in the bay! Did you know Pascal Paoli had chosen Centuri, as the military port of the Corsican Nation?

Moreover, this small village is famous for its trails and walks. The paths of the Cap Corse are very well maintained, so don’t hesitate if you want to stop for a walk along the sea!
Then, your route continues towards Nonza.

A village, as it has came out of the stone: Nonza is overhanged by a particular tower. This tower, unlike most of the towers in Corsica, is paoline and not genovese.
After a dive into the warm Mediterranean sea, it’s already time to go back to Bastia… follow the D80 as far as Patrimonio, then follow the indications for Bastia.

Our favourites in the Cap Corse

The beach of Nonza

Stunning isn’t it ? The sand of the beach of Nonza is dark! A massive paoline tower looks down on the beach that has become a must for every visitor. At first, you’ll be stunned by the view of this unreal landscape… So don’t forget your camera!

The Finocchiarola Islands

This small archipelago is located at the north east of the Cap Corse. The Finocchiarola Islands have been classified as Natural Reserve in 1987, and a very specific bird lives in this Reserve: the gull of Audouin. You will be able to admire the remains of a Genovese tower on one of the small islands.

The waterfall of Ucceline

On the road called corniche, you will enter at the heart of the corsican moutain. The waterfall of Ucceline appears suddenly, and its freshness is a good reason to stop for a swim…