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Serenity insurance

Exemption from excess

For a worry-free driving experience in Corsica!

The Serenity additional cover, which comes at a cost of €9 a day, makes you eligible for total exemption from excess liability charges.

Our additional insurance works as comprehensive car insurance: it eliminates your financial liability for loss or damage to the corsica-car-rental.com vehicle.
This includes damage caused to the windows (broken windscreen) and tyres (flat).

In order to protect you against unforeseeable events that may occur during your car hire, corsica-car-rental.com provides its customers with an optimal coverage.

  • Categories A, B, I : 9€ TTC / day
  • Categories C, L : 11€ TTC / day
  • Categories J, H, G, P, K: 12€ TTC / day
  • Categories D : 13€ TTC / day
  • Categories O: 14€ TTC / day
  • Categories E, N : 15€ TTC / day
  • Category W: 60€ TTC / day
  • Categories S, Z: 25€ TTC / jour

From 9 € / day of rental, you can guarantee a deductible of 800 € in case of accident, damage with or without third party and theft for a small city car, to 3500 € for certain types of vehicles.

  • Categories A, B, I  : excess charge up to 800€ TTC
  • Categories C, J, D, H, L, K: excess charge up to 1300€ TTC
  • Categories G, P, E, O, N: excess charge up to 1600€ TTC
  • Catgory W: excess charge up to 3500€ TTC
  • Categories S, Z: excess up to 2400€ TTC