Saloon Rental

Category F - Intermediate Station Wagon

Vehicles in this class will certainly appeal to lovers of attractive saloon cars! Our family cars are indeed spacious and can comfortably carry up to five passengers. The cars’ boot is fairly large as well and can accommodate several suitcases. Ideal for travelling with your family across Corsica! 



  • Passengers: 5
  • Boot capacity: 2 large suitcases and 2 large bag
  • Doors: 5 
  • Transmission: automatic or manual
  • Fuel type: petrol or diesel 
  • CO2 emission level: 149 g/km
  • Equipments: radio/CD player or USB port - air bag - air-conditioning. 
  • This class of vehicles includes the following models *: Ford Mondeo - Peugeot 508.

 Location catégorie F

* Specific models within a car class may vary in availability depending on season. Note that can guarantee a vehicle type but cannot guarantee a specific car model.