The west coast of Corsica

  • Departure: Ajaccio
  • Travel time: half-day 
  • Route: Ajaccio – Sagone – Ota – Porto – Piana – Cargese – Return to Ajaccio
  • Our favorites: gulf of Porto and the Calanches of Piana 

You will probably make a few stops on this route… To take pictures! All the way, the landscape is breathtaking. The road overhangs the sea, so be careful if you have car sickness.

Take the direction of Sagone. The wide gulf, with its turquoise sea, has been one of the most important bishoprics of Corsica. Unfortunately, the littoral was too dangerous, because of the attacks. The bishops finally decided to move to Vico. And this is the place you will then be heading to!

Vico is a very typical village. It looks like protected by a famous mountain: the Sposata, (the wife). 
After this explanation, you can continue towards Ota and Porto. You will go back on the sea side, and will admire the gulf. On the south direction, the Calanche of Piana are offering a surprising show. Take a break to breathe the sea air, and walk through the Calanche.

Finally, take the direction of Cargese. Do not miss the church. Which one?
In Cargese, two churches are facing each other: one is latin, and the other one is greek. Incredible, but true!  
Your corsican escape ends, and you will go back to Sagone, and then Ajaccio. Will you stop for a dive in the gulf of Sagone?

Our favourites :

The tower of Porto

This tower has a squared shape, that gives to it a very serious look. Do not be afraid, it’s now an exhibition, and the first floor is a good point of view to take a picture! 

The forest of Aïtone

Had you noticed the forest that overhangs the gulf? It’s the forest of Aïtone.
If you have your runners on, you can access the forest by a small path starting in Evisa… or by car of course! (follow the indication after Evisa) 


Girolata is only accessible by sea or by walk. A bay, where the perfumes of the corsican maquis are strong, reminding the richness of nature. Overthere, no roads, no noise. Only the sea, and nature.