The region of Ajaccio

  • Departure: Ajaccio 
  • Travel time: half-day 
  • Route : Ajaccio – Bocognano – Bastelica - Lac de Tolla – Cauro – Return to Ajaccio
  • Our favorites: the centre A Cupulatta and the waterfall of the Voile de la Mariée (Bridal Veil)

Leaving Ajaccio, the right direction is the one for Bastia. You will then be on a road that brings as far as the Vizzavona forest. But we won’t go as far; there are already a lot of little wonders to discover on our route…

The first stop is at the animal center A Cupulatta, which means Turtle in corsican: just before the village of Vero. Do not miss the indication on your right hand side, to discover the City of the Turtles! You will see more than 170 different species, aquatic or terrestrial. It is already time to leave and go in the direction of Bocognano.
This village is known for its fair, which is held every year in December: the Chestnut Fair.

Once your visit is finished, you need to follow the D27. At the bridge of Saliciu, a small hiking path starts, and brings up to the waterfall of the Voile de la Mariée. It only takes fifteen minutes to reach it. An old story says that a bride stumbled, pursued by her husband… where the waterfall is today.

On the road again, you will go to Bastelica, the village of Sampieru Corsu. This historical figure of Corsica, had taken up arms at 14, and fought all his life, to finally become a colonel. Did you know this famous character?
The last step of this route is the Lake of Tolla. You will be impressed by its shape, but mostly by its size.

We are already at the end of this route, and to go back to Ajaccio, you need to follow the signs for Cauro, and then Ajaccio. 

Our 3 favourites :

The gulf of Lava

You will discover a beautiful beach (watched swimming). Nestled in a wild environment, this gulf is a present of nature!

The Mont Gozzi

From the village of Appietto, at the north of Ajaccio, you will enjoy to hike as high as the Mont Gozzi, from where you will have a stunning view of Ajaccio bay.

Capo di Feno

For a walk, a dive or simply to enjoy your dinner facing the sunset, Capo di Feno is a site not to be missed while you are in the region of Ajaccio !