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Our fleet of cars

Small Economic and City cars

Our range of small economic cars is perfectly adapted for short routes. Designed to be easy to park, the small economic class is indicated for city stays. Easy to handle, this class is composed of enjoyable and comfortable cars!
These models can transport up to 5 people, to drive along short routes safely!

The + : easy to drive and very handy for city stays and shorts routes



Medium Compact Cars


The range of Medium Compact cars are the best balance if you are looking for a very comfortable and easy to drive car. You will appreciate the Corsican roads and enjoy discovering the Beauty Island with your family or your friends!

Nicely sized, Compact models also fit city driving. As they are quite small vehicles, it facilitates parking.

The + : Very comfortable and easy to drive




The 4 Wheel drive models allow striding across every road, and are providing a very special driving experience. Even if those models are suitable for all type of trails, they require particular driving skills. Therefore, it is strongly advised to drive on indicated roads only.

4x4 models are aimed for people who want to discover the authentic side of Corsica, on the coastal roads as well as in the mountains. Discover all the Corsican roads with your 4x4!

The +: Adapted to all type of roads



Minivan and MVP


Those models are recommended for family trips or either way for a small group of friends.

It’s a nice way of enjoying your holidays all together and spending time with people you love! Minivans and MVP are designed to welcome children and provide enough space for everyone to feel comfortable. The trunk can also carry several bags.

There are two types of cars in this class: some models have 5 seats, with the option of adding two extra seats, and the other models have already 7 seats installed.

So on, everyone will travel safely, to enjoy this friendly break in Corsica!

The +: Ideal for a large family





The Convertible Models will please the ones who want to enjoy the sun… They will travel on the Corsican roads and appreciate the beautiful sceneries at any time.

Enjoy the great weather of Corsica, and choose this model that will perfectly suit a couple for a romantic weekend as well as a friend ride. You won’t miss anything of the breathtaking landscapes!

The convertible models can welcome from 2 to 4 people depending on the model.

The + : Very pleasant driving




A Minibus is a specific model for groups. Suitable to drive on the Corsican roads, and very comfortable, the minibuses are a great solution to travel as a group on the island. Instead of renting many cars, a Minibus is the most indicated alternative. As they are designed to welcome up to 9 people, those vehicles are very handy.

The +: Travelling safely as a group